Saturday, 22 October 2016

Done Deal

Took us a long time to make up our minds but it's a done deal now. I'm glad the hunt is over.

We're coming home with one chair but there's more to come. The others had to be ordered and will take 6 weeks or more before they come in and then we have to somehow get them home. We've never bought new living room furniture before. It's always been second hand. This big purchase (for us anyway) we decided would be our Christmas present many times over.

But, since it took so long running from one place to another we haven't made it out of the city yet. I'm kind of glad we stayed an extra night though. It means we got to share another wonderful meal with Karen and Steve. This time, steaks done on an outside fire pit, baked potatoes and veggies. delicious. Thanks you guys.

We're heading out tomorrow morning but first we;re going to attend the Sunday celebration at the Center for Spiritual Living. I like to go whenever the opportunity presents. I find it fills my soul and gives me food for thought for the day and sometimes for the week. Wish we had something like it closer to home.

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