Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Another Delightful Day In Quebec City

I got up, jumped in the shower, went upstairs for breakfast, then got dressed and ventured out for a morning walk. I had full intention of exploring a trail I spotted the day before. So off I went.
The sun absolutely refused to come out and greet me but it was a beautiful walk just the same.
 A hard pack trail in the bush and along the river's edge.
It's not a thick bush but I'm sure it feels much more so in summer when there's lots of leaves.
 This little bridge allowed me to cross over the river and the trails continued to meander along the other side of the river.
 Not a stitch of snow anywhere. It's still pretty cool out there but I was nice and warm with my winter gear and I thoroughly enjoyed my 6 km walk.

Afternoon saw us take a ride to Montmorency Falls. It's a large fall on the Montmorency River only about 12 km from the heart of old Quebec city. Apparently the fall is supposed to be 30m higher than Niagara Falls.
It's hard to do justice to falls with a still snapshot

This is a smaller fall a little ways from the bigger one.
The Ile d'Orleans Bridge - a suspension bridge across the St. Laurence River

Then we headed back to Old Quebec so Edith and Emilia would have the opportunity to do a little reminiscing and sight seeing by car.

The Parliament Building
Champlain Monument

The famous Funiculaire - a wicked elevator ride down to 
There's the ride - as viewed through the glass elevator doors.
Horse drawn carriage in front of Chateau Frontenac
I stepped into the doors of the Chateau today. I didn't explore very far because the rest of the crew were waiting for me in the car but this is what I discovered where I walked in.
A whole line up of beautifully decorated Christmas Trees

And these two little fellows on snow shoes and skis

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