Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Le Vieux Quebec

Comme ces't beaux! I fell in love!

Josee and I walked around for a couple of hours - maybe more. I loved every minute of it and couldn't get enough of it. I could have explored all day long.

Simons - a well known and loved store in Quebec.
But, there's so much to see and take in that even had we stayed all day, we still wouldn't have seen it all.

The temperature was hovering around the zero mark but the wind was blowing and it was very cold on the Terasse Dufferin (boardwalk) and down by the water front.
There's a barge out there on the St. Laurence Seaway
There was several times at the airports and the two flights here that I wanted to ditch my cumbersome winter gear. Today I was glad to have it and that I actually decided to wear my heavier coat plus my mitts and tuque, instead of my smaller, lighter jacket when we left the house this morning.

Chateau Frontenac - What a place!
A Church - Basilique Quebec 
You can't capture the magnitude of this structure in a single picture
Cartier Petit Champlain (one of several market streets with all kinds of beautiful little shops).

Beautiful paintings on some of the buildings.

Following our site seeing adventure, Josee and I went for a famous Quebecois Ashton "poutine." What a treat!
Note the cobblestone streets and the architecture!
After supper, another deliciously prepared meal by our hosts Emilia and Josse, we had a wonderful life giving, living room discussion evening.

Subjects: life, love, loss, laughter, writing, good old times, and whatever else happened to come to our mind. We went with the flow and embraced the sharing.
It was a beautiful day all around and I am super grateful for every minute of it.


  1. And you decide to go down to the Quarter Petit Champlain by the funicular!!!!???? What a strange an brilliant idea!!!!!....!!!

  2. Thank you for the taste of what would be a 'revisit' for me. When I was in a Katimavik group in northwestern New Brunswick back in 1978, a trip to Quebec City was one of our outings. A place very different from what I had ever seen in Saskatchewan!