Sunday, 27 December 2015

Letting My Thoughts Wander

I forget what Brenda called this sculpture. It's one of the many she used to make a long time ago.

Some friends and relatives have one in their home and a few have gone to unknown places. I wonder if she'll ever get back into her artistic creations when her life eventually slows to a more livable pace.

There's not much time now that her and her hubby own and operate their own business. It takes a lot of time, persistence, patience and hard work to own one's own business - as I well know.

One day maybe.....

We could produce a book as a family project one day. Brenda could do the art work, I could do the writing, Jody could do the proof reading, and  Karen could do the marketing. That would be cool.

I'm back home tonight. I'ts always good to go out and connect with everyone but it's also good to come home. Feels good to be sitting in my favorite chair and I'm sure I'll appreciate my own bed when I make my way there a little later tonight.

I'm very grateful for being able to travel to visit my daughters. It's an 8 hour drive but I don't find it long. I really enjoy being on the road looking at the different scenery, sometimes listening to the radio, sometimes just enjoying the silence, letting my thoughts wander as I'm doing now.

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