Saturday, 26 December 2015

More Christmas Travels

Clover decided to sneak in a last snuggle with me before I left High River this morning.

It was a tad bit chilly when I headed out to Edmonton to visit my other two grand children. And, no, my gas tank isn't empty. The gauge doesn't work and I can't bring myself to spend well over $500 to get it fixed.

Thank goodness the sun was shinning and it didn't take long for the temperature to climb. It was only -15 by the time I got to Edmonton.

Tonight I had an awesome visit with Cole and Sadie. I didn't pull out my camera early enough but I did manage to snap a few pictures anyway.


Of course I couldn't resist stopping to snap a picture of the beautiful Rocky Mountains silhouetting the sky in the distance. I kept stealing glances in their direction all the way from High River to Calgary. Made me want to crank the wheel and head West instead of heading North. Aren't they a gorgeous sight!

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