Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Travels - Arrivals

This little limited edition cuttie is a Christmas gift from my sister.
It was almost getting dark by the time I rolled into High River. Pepsi Bear was getting just as anxious as I was to get out of the car and go visit the grand kids.

It was a wonderful trip mind you. Sun shinning all the way. Lots of time to think, reflect, absorb, listen to music, various CBC radio programs and enjoy.

Slept at Jody's new place last night and this morning I'm waiting for Brenda to show up so her and I can go check out a few coffee shops. It's always been something we've enjoyed doing together even though I never drank coffee in my life. It's the atmosphere and the company I like. 

Lots to write about but not much time to write. I have to drink in the moment of each experience. I don't get to come often so I let it soak in as deep as it will go.

Yippe! We're almost there!  

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