Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Bouncing Around Kind of Day

Another day another dollar? Nope. Not today but it's all good anyway.

You ever have one of those days where everything you thought would happen didn't and things you didn't think would happen did?

I had promised myself I would sleep in this morning but Pumpkin wouldn't hear of it. I was to see 4 clients today. I ended up seeing only one. I wasn't supposed to go to Peace River but I ended up having to. I was supposed to be alone tonight but I'm not. Andree came back from Edmonton early - and, it's a good thing because tomorrow I'm the one who will be on the road.

On my way back from work I brought some take out Chinese food to some friends house. It was a pleasant meal and a nice couple of hours chatting with them and tonight I had a good chat with Andree before sitting down at my computer.  

I'm heading out to High River bright and early tomorrow morning. It's an 8 hour drive to go see my girls and my grand children for Christmas. At least I don't have to cross over a mountain range to get there this year. I'm looking forward to seeing them all again.

I sure wish I could figure out a way to write while travelling. When I'm driving is when all kinds of things I want to write about come to me. I might have to start using the recording app on my phone so I can save those thoughts to write later. Sure shit I'll forget them if I don't.

A cat on our table? No way! Never!


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    1. She is a huge cat! Weighs less now than before but still a big cat for sure.