Thursday, 3 December 2015

If Those Walls Could Talk - What Would They Say?

Houses/Places I Have Lived

1.  The farm where I grew up North of Donnelly Corner.
2.  A room I rented in a house in Mclennan when I started my first job.
3. An 8X10 mobile with a small addition in the town of Falher.
4.  An apartment on top the Falher movie theater we owned and operated.
5.  An apartment in Girouxville for a short one month stay.
6.  An apartment in Buckingham Quebec where I lived for 2 years.
7.  A 14X70 mobile home where I lived in Falher.
8.  The same mobile home moved to a farm North of Donnelly Corner.
9.  A prefab home a little further North of Donnelly Corner.
10. An apartment in Spruce Grove.
11. An apartment in Hinton.
12. A hotel room rented by the month in Kelowna.
13. A cottage type house in Alberta Beach on Lac St. Anne.
14. A house with a rental suite in the city of Edmonton.
15. A three story condo in Armstrong, BC.
16. A split-level house adjacent to farm land in Armstrong, BC.
17. A holiday trailer at the regional park in Armstrong BC.
18. A mobile home with an addition on McCurdy in Kelowna, BC.
19. An apartment in Mission area of Kelowna, BC
20. A mobile home with addition in Donnelly, AB.
Where I live now.
I wonder if I've missed one or two. Who knows with my many moves and my lousy memory.

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