Monday, 28 December 2015

A Precious Gift From the Heart

Wow! What an awesome surprise when I opened this parcel that came in the mail. Isn't that a beauty! A real piece of art. hand drawn by Josee on a strip of birch bark we gathered on our walk together at Le Parc Du Bois-De-Coulonge in Quebec city. There couldn't be a better image then a log cabin in the wilderness to capture Andree and I's spirit that's for sure. We are nature lovers her and I and we like to keep things simple.

I had to go to London Drugs yesterday just before I left Edmonton and in order to get from my vehicle to the drug store I had to pass by a huge Indigo Book store and wouldn't you know it, their magnetic doors grabbed onto all the metal on my new winter jacket and sucked me right in. So while I was there I took advantage of their 30% off hardcover book sale. Well, Ok, the top one is not a hard cover but it was on my wish list and it kind of fell off the shelf and landed by my foot. Well, almost anyway. I didn't tug at it much. Really.

It's a winter wonderland out there!
I've got this constant debate going on in my head and pulling at my heart strings.

"Go out and walk. Stay in and write. Go out and get some fresh air. Stay in and read those new books. Go out and enjoy the sunshine and beauty. Stay in and dive into your writing project."

Now wait a minute. There's no reason why I can't do both. After all, I don't have to work until Wednesday morning. Yes! Out I go!


  1. It's so hard to get myself to go out and walk, sometimes, which makes no sense! Because it only makes the reading and writing better. Glad you went!

    1. I agree. Even if it looks tempting to go out and about it sometimes is a lot more tempting to stay close to the fireplace, the warmth of the house and a good book.