Thursday, 24 December 2015

It Was The Night Before Christmas...

And the anticipation was building..... there's nothing like children to bring the spirit of Christmas to life.
Finnley's dog Clover guarding the presents under the tree
Finnley looking all smug in his Santa hat
Jesse all dolled up as Elsa from Frozen
Carys writing her letter to Santa
Letter and Treats On the Kitchen Table
Santa's Letter
It's been some special times with my daughters, their partners and my grandchildren these past couple of days. Fills my heart with so much love and joy.

There will be more fun times tomorrow morning when the little ones get up to see if Santa's come. Then on Boxing Day I get to see my two older grandchildren too.
Brenda showing Karen & Steve her new house on the computer
I love your chocolate cake Grandma!
Christmas Eve supper
Jody, Carys, Jesse
Brenda & I sharing a morning treat at the local coffee shop.
Yup, well worth the 8 hour drive out here. Now if only my stupid tennis elbow would let up and quit causing me such grief so I could get some sleep before everybody gets up and are raring to go again.


  1. So nice to see all your family ... for me, I mean! For you too, of course. Happy Christmas to you, Annette.

    1. Thanks Kate. Times are changing and they certainly are growing.