Sunday, 27 September 2015

Home Again

Left on Wednesday and got back late tonight. Good visit with friends and family in Kelowna area. Good conference in Vancouver. Awesome trip both ways with the splendor of the fall colors in the mountains and on the prairies.

This shot was taken from the car window somewhere between Langley and Chilliwack.
It took a long time to make the 18 hour drive home from Vancouver. We didn't leave the conference until 5 pm and since our hotel was only a few minutes away from Granville Island I decided to make a stop there before leaving. That delayed us by another hour or more but what the heck. Besides, I came back with another journal so it was well worth it, I'd say.

By the time we got out of the city and reached Kamloops it was around 10 at night so we and decided to spend the night. Today's trip should have been around 10 hours but another spur of the moment side trip and we ended up at Miette Hot Springs. That added a couple hours to our journey but it was well worth it  too, both for the scenery and for how thankful our old bones were after a long soak in the mineral water.

On the way up to Miette
Big Horn Sheep up at Miette
Getting closer to home back on the prairies
Pumpkin was one happy camper to see us walk through the door. She's sitting on my lap now as I try to write this. She'll be sticking to me like a post-it note for the next few days I'm sure. Now, a hot shower and some shut eye are in order. It's back to work tomorrow.

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