Monday, 21 September 2015

The Reward is Joy

This has been and continues to be my experience at this stage of my life. I sought to speak truth in my book, and the reward really wasn’t justice or expertise, or acknowledgment, the reward truly was joy. 

It's the same with any kindness or giving I bring to others. The reward is not acknowledgment, or receiving in return, the reward is joy. The joy of giving, the joy of seeing the other person benefit from, the joy of sensing the relief in the other, the joy of having had purpose and meaning added to my life.

A while back I got this picture of a fellow standing in a field of sunflowers off the internet. I kept it because it brought me such joy. I thought, what could be better than standing in a field full of these bright smiley faces?

A few weeks later, I was lucky enough to find myself standing in a field of sunflowers too. Here I am making my way back up to my car, with an armload of those smiley faces to gift others with in order to bring sunshine to their lives.


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