Monday, 14 September 2015

Mark Nepo

I quote this fellow quite frequently. His words give me food for thought and reach a place deep inside of me. 

“We often don’t take the risk or time to stand before another long enough for their truth to surface. This is what I need, for you to wait till I can get there, all fresh from the deep.” Mark Nepo

I often feel this when in conversation with people. they don't take the time to stand before me long enough for my words to surface. I too need people to wait. 

Wait for me to finish speaking instead of jumping ahead of me with what you think I am going to say. When you do this it robs me of my words and and shuts me down.

“Show yourself and I will swim to you.” Mark Nepo

Reveal yourself  to me and I will gladly walk along side of you and share my world with you. 

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