Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Oh my God! We had the absolutely perfect day to travel through the mountains. We hid a lot of fog from Whitecourt almost up to Hinton and then just like that, the skies opened up and there they were, the Rockies, standing in all their majestic glory surrounded by the multitude of fall colors. It was like candy to the eyes and a hot cup of tea to the soul.

 We drove a big section of the trip almost in silence except for the, "look at this, look at that, look here, ohh - how beautiful," kind of exclamations and comments.

 I couldn't stop saying "thank-you" for being so fortunate that we get to live in such a beautiful country and for the opportunity to make this trip through the mountains at this time of the year where there's beauty abound.

We are making a quick overnight stop in Kelowna to visit family, then on Friday we leave to make our way to the conference in Vancouver.

We left home at 4:30 am and got to Kelowna at 6:30 pm AB time. Even with having breakfast and lunch in the car, it's a 14 hour drive taking in the construction zones and having to stop for gas and pee breaks here and there.

 My behind feels like it's on fire not to mention my back and a few other places. To be honest, I think we're getting too old to make these long trips in one day.

But look at these pictures. How can you say it wasn't worth it.

Now, I must get this sore rack of bones to bed before it's 4 in the morning again and I've gone around the clock with no shut-eye.

Who knows, I might even be able to sleep in until 8 am with no Pumpkin to paw and poke me demanding to be fed breakfast, NOW!


  1. Such pretty pictures! Glad you had such a beautiful day to drive. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you Jody. Yes, it was an awesome day even though it was difficult being in the car for that many hours at a time. I'm hoping we can break up our travels back home a bit more.