Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Tribute to My Writing Buddy

Dear Barbara:

Happy Birthday old gal. I miss you so much. Every time there's a full moon I think of you and share how beautiful she is with you, just like we used to do, through email, Skype or through our letters back and forth by snail mail.

You had a "crazy ass life" as you would have called it but you lived some precious moments too and some of those, I was fortunate enough to share with you. Each time, you filled my heart in a special way just by being who you were. A straight off the cuff, say it like it is, kind of person. Stubborn as hell and a heart of gold.

I did another book presentation last night and in my heart I dedicated it to you. I felt your presence, your reassuring smile, the soft touch of your hand on my arm, the sparkle in your eye as you winked at me and gave me a thumb's up. I knew you were there with me.

I know how badly you wanted to read my book and I'm so sad I wasn't able to get it to you before you left this world. But, I'm sure that where you are, you can get a free download anytime you want and there's nothing that pleases me more than the knowledge that I can share my words with you. Let me know what you think will you.

Rest in peace my friend. And rest assured, I always hold you close in my heart. A toast - to the times we shared and our journey together through the years.

Much love
Annette - Ti-Lou


  1. Okay, third time's the charm, right? I have to laugh as I remember the time that technology frustrated you, too. So happy birthday, my friend!! My memories of you are technicolored! You lit up everyone's life, even when we were all states or a country away, just with your words. I know it's your laughter that lights up the stars when I gaze at the night sky. And I hear your voice preparing us to celebrate Grandmother Moon, which I continue to do with you each month. You touched my life in so many ways...a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a giver of surprises and joy, and my fellow adventurer as we made our way from New Orleans to Atlanta to BC to meet and hug some of the best friends we would ever have. So I honor you and thank you for being in my life. Keep the heavens rocking, my friend! Loves and hugs!

    1. How beautiful Paula. Yes, I'm sure she's keeping the heavens rocking.