Thursday, 17 September 2015

Long but Rewarding Day

It's been a long day of hard work. I'm looking forward to going back to the office tomorrow so I can rest my sore muscles. I got lots done though.

Started off with doing the last bit of paint touch ups in the room we painted and reassembling the room to what it used to be. I like the looks of the Tuscan Sun color. Sure brightens up the place.

Hung the curtains back up, brought the furniture in, put the shelves up and moved all my precious books back, changed the furnace filters and cleaned the ceiling fan. The only thing left to paint in that room are the two closets now. That will be the weekend project.

My little meditative corner 
My collection of books on writing
That picture still needs to be hung up.
Once the sun got out and the air warmed up out there I left the inside stuff and went to work outside. Pulled out some frozen flowers. Yup two nights in a row of a pretty nasty frost here. Then went in the garden and pulled out the kohlrabi and the onions and cleaned those up.

Next I started doing some edging around the sidewalks and trees in the front yard. That's a hard job but it looks so much better. Came in for supper at 7 pm and at 7:30 I went to our other garden and pulled the rest of the potatoes. Too bad I didn't think of getting a picture of that harvest. Quite the heap!

Fall is in the air that's for sure. It was a perfect ending to a worthwhile day when I sat and watched the sunset tonight. What a gorgeous sight to behold.

Are the days ever getting shorter. A sign of what's to come I suppose. But its best I don't think about that and I enjoy the moment instead.