Thursday, 5 January 2017


I got an email from my editor in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago saying that her and her sister would like to come for a visit and that they had lots to chat about.

"Of course," I said. "Come on down."

Today I got a text from her that said; call me when you get a break between clients. So I did.

"What's the best day for us to arrive?" she said.

"Saturday," I responded.

"Great! We'll be there. We have things we want to talk about and discuss with you and ideas we want to throw your way."

I've never met Rusti's sister, but according to Rusti, her sister is all excited we're finally going to meet. Me, I'm scratching my head and waiting in anticipation to greet them and to hear what these two wild women have simmering in their mind or hiding up their sleeve.

If Rusti's sister is the same kind of high powered bundle of energy as she is, it could prove to be one interesting weekend!

A present to my partner a while back.

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