Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Tonight I chose to surrender going for a walk and go visit a friend instead. It was a good choice.

We had some meaningful discussions. I like discussions I can sink my teeth into. They add juice to my life. One of our discussions was about what the word surrender evokes in us and how we experience surrender in our lives.

A relinquish of control, a letting go of, embracing what is, a giving over to, are some of the thoughts we discussed.

Surrender was huge for me when I wrote my book, "In Search of Oneness," and even more so when I published and released it into the world. Even writing this blog is a form of surrender. It's putting oneself out there - something that bloggers do to whatever degree they choose.

I am fortunate though. Meaningful discussions and the act of surrender is something I get to experience and witness almost everyday in my line of work.

It's a courageous act of surrender when someone walks into my office and shares their most intimate selves with me. A courageous act that humbles me every time.

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