Monday, 16 January 2017

I'm In Love

I found my dream home! 

Would you join me?

Welcoming, inviting, simple, cozy, warm, relaxing and surrounded by nature. Complete with bread, cheese and shot glasses of Pepsi.

Just looking at the picture brings an immediate sense of connection and peace within me. All I have to do is walk in with my journal, pen and laptop and start writing.

I will start by seeing myself there. You just never know.

"I Am" seeing myself there!


I put in a full day of work today. Came home tonight and made preparations to leave for the first leg of our journey which starts early tomorrow morning. Looking forward to this little excursion.

More on that coming up.


  1. I've always thought that if I were very ill or dying but could be at home, the first thing I'd ask for is a bed by a window so I could look out easily. This place would suit me fine! - Kate

  2. It's like a piece of heaven - isn't it Kate.