Monday, 23 January 2017

Just Another Day In Mexico

We got our second shot in the rear end today. One more to go tomorrow morning. I don't mind dropping my drawers and inch or two in order to get better. There was a few more annoying bathroom calls during the night but today has been good so far. Hopefully tonight will be incident free.

So the good news is - we are getting better. Woohoo! Even ingested some food for supper and oh my goodness, did it ever taste super good. When I am in Mexico this is what my hair looks like when I come out of the shower. No waves and not one straight hair. Just curls, curls, and more curls.

We went to the beach at La Manzanilla today. Explored a bit around town. Living conditions for some Mexican people is very basic. Many live in pretty meager homes and there’s a lot of poverty. It’s a very different way of living than what we’re used to. Makes me appreciate what I have even more.

After exploring around, Andree went and parked ourselves on the each. It was super windy today and the ocean waves were high. We both went in for a swim anyway, then back on the beach to relax. Before leaving, I decided to go back in for one more whirl in the waves. Shouldn’t have done that!

There was a humongous wave rolling in and while I was trying to figure out how to best jump into it, it came crashing into me and knocked me right off my feet.

I went under fast. Felt my tail bone smash down on the ocean floor. Somehow found my footing and managed to resurface. Then I panicked.

It was the same kind of feeling as when you realize you’ve left your wallet with all your cash, credit cards and ID in the grocery cart at the supermarket. My heart sank to the bottom of the sea along with my eyesight. My new glasses were no longer on my face!

I can’t function without my glasses. The only way I am typing at the keyboard tonight is by magnifying my screen to the max and using a pair of broken, one arm, reading glasses that Lise was able to find in her stuff.

Tomorrow, we will make a trip to a town not to far from here to some kind of optometrist to see if they would have a pair of magnifying glasses that will at least allow me to read and write when needed. It won’t be like my trifocals that’s for sure but it will have to do until I get back to Canada and can order another pair.

It will likely take 10 to 14 days to get a new pair so it will be a challenge to function from now until then, most especially when I return to work.

I gotta say, this trip has certainly been eventful so far.

I guess it's just another day in Mexico.


  1. My goodness! Enough already! Can't you order a new pair online to get coming to you sooner?

  2. Well how do I order another pair when I don't have a frame? I need to pick a frame in order to order the lens don't I?

  3. Tu n'as pas gardé tes vielle lunette à la maison??? Vous êtes vraiment drôle les gens de l'ouest! Le mieux dans tout ça c'est que ça ferait l'action de bon roman...

    1. C'est vraix ca - un tres bon roman - tu va l'ecrire?

  4. No, if you know your prescription you can order some on zenni optical. That's where me, Jody, and Karen all ordered our last frames for like $20.