Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hope for Tomorrow

Well, maybe it wasn't the piece of cheese I ate that made me sick otherwise Andree wouldn't be in the same boat tonight. Yup, her turn at being sick and she didn't eat any of that darn cheese.

It's no fun that's all I can say.

My tummy continues to keep rumbling and roaring and making all kinds of creepy noises like it's been possessed or something and Andree's started doing a similar kind of dance today which of course led to her making the same kind of visits to the porcelain bowl.

Things seemed to be going pretty good at the beginning of the day. We were a both a bit shaky but not bad so we decided we could handle going out to have fun in the sun and we did - in a rather quiet kind of way.

We went to the beach in the afternoon, came home for a rest, then went out to watch the sunset over the ocean and a late supper out with Ken & Lise.

Unfortunately, neither Andree or I could get any food down. We couldn't wait to get back to the house and it's a good thing we did when we did.

Tomorrow, hopefully will be a better day.

Andree's sister, Lise.

It was windy out there today.

Relaxing by the pool side before we go see the sunset.
Ocean side restaurant.


  1. Emil took that two-dose non-prescription vaccine against stomach/bowel upset, before leaving for Mexico. They arrive home today so I'll be finding out whether it worked. I'm sorry to hear you guys have been suffering. -Kate

    1. Good for him for taking that precaution. Hope it went well. We came a few years ago and never got sick. Different story this time. Let me know how it went for Emil

    2. It worked like the dickens, he says, and he had a wonderful time.