Thursday, 19 January 2017

Bits of Today

Around 4 pm this afternoon I walked to the big pond they call the ocean to go sit on the beach and watch the sunset. On my way there I snapped a couple of pictures of the church with the doors wide open and people praying inside. It's a beautiful little church with marble floors, the outside surrounded by rough cobble streets.

Then I made my way to the beach. The tide was coming in and I stood there mesmerized. So much so that I got lost in the moment and got soaked by a powerful huge wave that almost swept me off my feet.

So I went and sat further up the beach and waited until the sun made it's descent in the sky. There are beautiful sunsets on the prairies but none where I can sit on the beach, dig my toes in the sand, watch the waves roll in, and the sun plunge into the water.

More tomorrow.

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