Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hello Canada

Phew! That felt like a forever flight. A long pit stop in Regina makes it seem that way. Whenever I board a plane it's one of those times when I'm grateful I'm short. I swear they keep putting those seats closer and closer together so they can cram more and more people in.

It's not cold here by Alberta standards, but it felt pretty chilly leaving the airport with no jacket since we went from 30 above to 10 below. Still, I'm glad to be home (almost). Feel appreciative of what our country has to offer. Simple things like being able to brush our teeth and drink water from the tap.

Before we left today we walked around Barra de Navidad some more and explored around. Had to go visit this huge tree that has been there forever apparently. The canopy goes on forever and there's no way I could get it in a picture but I got pictures of the huge trunk.

I also took pictures of the church to show how it's so different than in Alberta where churches are under lock and key all the time. In Mexico church doors are always wide open.

Look closely at the pictures of Jesus on the cross. You will notice his arms are down on his side instead of nailed to the cross. This is because when there was an earthquake in 1995 the arms broke and came down on his side. The people decided to leave the arms that way as a way to remember what happened.

Signing off now. Another travel day tomorrow to drive back home - after I go order some new glasses that is. Hopefully will be home by supper time.

Oh, wait, it's way past midnight - I get to say it now - Happy Birthday Andree!

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