Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Eve of Departure

Apart from Andree losing a brand new shawl when we went to watch the sunset and have supper tonight, it's been a calamity free day.

We started the day by going to Malaque in order to find me some reading glasses. Got that accomplished, browsed around town for a while, then came back to Barra de Navidad. Stopped at the doctor for our third and final injection. Bid her many muchos gracias but we were not sorry to say adios.

Walked back to the house where we're staying and had a super delicious bowl of homemade chicken rice soup along with some toast. Hmm... it feels good to eat food again.

By the time we finished lunch it was close to 30 degrees out there so we jumped in the pool and cooled off for a half hour or so.

Andree stayed home with her sister and played several games of scrabble this afternoon while I walked to the other end of town and back exploring little shops along the way. When I tired of doing that, I bought an aqua naturalle, which is the closest thing to a Perrier water, and made my way to the ocean to watch and listen to the waves and walk bare feet in the sand.

Tonight we treated our hosts to a supper at an oceanfront restaurant called Simone's. While we were eating we had a guitarist/vocalist come and serenade us.

It was a good evening.

Tomorrow we will head to the airport around 3:30 pm. We depart at 4:40 but we don't arrive in Edmonton until 11 pm or so. We will overnight and in the morning go see about ordering some new prescription glasses. Unfortunately there's a 7-14 day waiting period before they will be ready.


C'est la vie!

PS: I wanted you to enjoy the waves with me. It's one of those big ones that came over my head and knocked me down along with my glasses.


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