Saturday, 21 January 2017

Change of Plans

Well, I’m almost starting to feel human again. Getting sick wasn’t part of the plan for a fun relaxing holiday. But, obviously, things don’t always go as planned. I can’t remember ever being as sick as I was for the past 36 hours.

Still feeling a bit shaky but nowhere near as weak as after everything and anything inside me came rushing out of both ends through the evening and through the night. By morning I was so drained and limp that it required a huge effort for me to put one foot ahead of the other.

A visit to a Mexican doctor, some probiotics, carbon pills, electrolytes, and $1100 pesos later, I am on the up and up again. The culprit, we identified, was most likely a piece of cheddar cheese from our meal on the plane which I shoved in my backpack, (and never refrigerated) and ate for breakfast the next day. Should not have done that.

Yesterday, I pretty much slept or dozed of and on all day. Probably got more sleep than I do in a regular week at home. I’m not functioning at 100% yet but I certainly feel much better and stronger today.

As a result of all this, yesterdays’ plans for spending the day at the beach and swimming in the ocean got thrown out the window but we are going to make our way there today. I’m looking forward to getting back out there, playing in the water and basking in the sun. Just that alone, I’m sure will do wonders for resetting my clock and getting me back on my feet again.

The back of the house we are staying at.
The pool and courtyard off the kitchen

The palapa where we often sit to enjoy an outside meal. The palapa got a haircut when a hurricane came through last year.

The door to access the kitchen or the pool

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