Sunday, 22 January 2017

Continuing Saga

Right now, I could really call our situation something totally different than "Continuing Saga" although that might not be very polite considering I'm writing online.

It was one hell of a night again. This time poor Andree took the brunt of it. She tended to me the night before, I tended to her last night. Then around 5 am, I started my race to the bathroom again. Between the two of us, there wasn't much sleep to be had.

By 9 am, we were back in the car making our way to the doctor again. My first question when I got there was, "Where is the nearest bathroom?" Or Banio, as they call it here in Mexico.

More money, 2,160 pezzos later, pro-biotics, electrolytes, some Vermox to kill parasites, and both of us with the first of three antibiotic injections in the bum. We are to go back to see her on Monday and Tuesday morning for two more injections. By then, she figures we'll be good to fly home on Wednesday. (There's no way we could fly the way we were that's for sure.)

I think she's right. I'm feeling different already and Andree is doing better too although she's a day behind me in where she's at but I'm sure tomorrow will be way different for her too.

So apart from going to the doctor, and a ride around a couple of blocks to go see this huge tree, we stayed home today. I ventured out to the side of the house where there's an empty lot and where someone ties their little mare to graze while they likely wander off to work all day. I made my way to her several times over the past two days and treated her to some carrots and apples. She stands at attention when she hears the gate open now. Then she quickly comes over to me hoping for more.

Isn't she the sweetest thing.
And then we went for a 5 minute ride to see this tree and man, was it ever worth seeing. It's too bad that the pictures don't do it justice. There's no way to capture it all with the camera on my phone. I don't know what kind of tree it is but it's humongous and the branches stretch out to the buildings across the street.


Look at the size of those limbs
And the size of the trunk

Too bad that fence was in the way for a photo but it's good the tree is protected.

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