Saturday, 14 January 2017


Journal Entry Jan. 13, 2017

"If we fear passion, we are blind to the comfort of Oneness." 

The above quote by Mark Nepo sends me into a reverie of deep thoughts. It reaches far inside me and touches the theme of what I need to write about - passion and deep connections.

I need to find a way to write about what this means to me. There's a sense of importance, of urgency almost, to find a way to pull this out of me. It won't let me sleep at night, and sometimes I want to tell it to leave me the hell alone. It feels too big, to encompassing, to demanding, but it refuses. It won't leave me alone.

It keeps urging me to explore what I need to say and to find a way to express it. But how to say it? How do I put into words a jumbled mess of nameless emotions that float around in me? How, I ask?

Passion leads to Oneness. Oneness leads to passion. They are cut from the same cloth.

Passion. How I love that word. "A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for..." is one of the definitions in the dictionary.

For me, passion makes me sit up and pay attention. It makes my mouth water and my skin tingle. Passion for me means life, movement, and emotions that make the blood pump through my veins faster than it should. Passion sometimes wraps it's arms around me and helps make me feel complete, whole.

Passion is about connection. A deep sense of connection I feel at an emotional, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and physical level. Passion is my pathway to Oneness. Before, I was in "In Search of Oneness."  Now, I allow passion into my life and I live and experience the comfort of Oneness. Therefore, passion and a sense of peace are often synonymous for me.

My passion for words, for dance, for watching a sunrise, sunset, or the full moon travelling across the night sky. Passion for warm nurturing relationships, for music, for the wind gently blowing through my hair on a warm sunny day, or a walk hand in hand with my partner.

A passion for meaningful heartfelt discussions, for sitting at the water's edge or spending time with my children, grandchildren and family. It's the source of life for me and for others, I'm sure.

I need to find a way to unravel and put into words what happens to me when, even on the coldest of days, passion comes roaring through my body, warms my spirit and ignites my soul.

I need to be vigilant in my search to find the words that rumble through my insides, and to write the story that begs to be told.

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